Create Your Profile & Get Verified

iKhokha Setup: How to Get Started

Let’s help you get set up and ready to start accepting payments.

To get started you’ll need to create a profile and submit your personal and business details along with a selfie and a photo of your ID/ driver’s licence/ passport. We’ll need this information to do FICA checks. Learn more about “What is FICA?

How to create and complete my profile?

Getting set up is actually pretty simple. You register using our online system, where you create your profile and are then guided through the steps to help you submit all of the required information.


Please note: Setting up your profile should ideally be completed by the person who owns the business. This makes the process of getting verified a lot quicker and easier. However, if you’re not the business owner we’ll help you to get the required information together.


Depending on which type of business you have; whether you are a sole proprietor, a registered business, non-profit or trust etc, you’ll be required to provide different information. Click on the relevant business type below to see the steps you’ll need to follow to get set up and paid!