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Setting Up Your Shaker Solo

Ready to start trading with your iKhokha card machine? Let’s get you set up!

Step 1: Power-Up

To charge your Solo Shaker you will need a 2-prong plug and your wall charger.

  1. Use the wall charger (power supply unit) provided, and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  2. Access the power input by lifting the rubber flap on the side of the Solo (see Key 1 in the above image).

NOTE:  See our unboxing video here; click here to see the video.

Step 2: Connecting your Solo to the Internet

Here you have 2 options, connecting via Mobile 4G or WiFi

NOTE:  Follow our easy you use guide on switching between mobile and WiFi.

Turn WiFi On

  1. ·      Turn on your Shaker Solo
  2. ·      Press the yellow button
  3. ·      Scroll to Device Settings
  4. ·      Press the green button
  5. ·      Press the green button again to select WiFi

Step 4: Connect to WiFi

·      Press the yellow button

·      Select Device Settings

·      Select WiFi settings

·      Scroll to select WiFi Setup

·      Select Scan Networks

·      Choose your network

·      Enter your network password

·      A WiFi symbol next to the battery icon will indicate a successful connection

Step 2: Download the iKhokha App

·      Open the iOS App Store, Google Play or Huawei App Gallery

·      Search for "iKhokha"

·      Download the app

·      Login to access analytics

Should you need assistance, please contact our Support Team on:

087 222 7000 or