Getting Started

Unboxing the Shaker Solo

Now that you know a bit more about The Shaker Solo, let’s take a look at what’s in the box!

In the box you’ll find:

The iKhokha Shaker Solo

Your shiny new Shaker Solo card machine with a 4G SIM (already inserted into the device).

iKhokha Merchant Pack

Consists of a quick start guide, instruction manual, the card acceptance sticker, and the tent card display

  •  Card acceptance sticker – Stick this up in your store to let customers know your business accepts card payments.
  • Tent card display – Place this proudly on your counter to let your customers know that your business accepts card payments.

Wall Charger

Keep your iKhokha card machine charged and ready for action.

To access the power input jack, loosen the rubber flap on the side of the device. 


QUICK NOTE: You'll need to charge your Shaker Solo before you can start transacting. Charge up now so you can start trading as soon as possible.

57mm Thermal Printer Roll

Silky smooth printing paper that is housed in your Shaker Solo to print your receipts.  

Unique referral code

As an iKhokha merchant, you have the opportunity to refer friends, family or colleagues to join the iK Tribe. For each successful referral, you’ll earn R199 as a referral reward. Get a friend to use your unique code when buying a card machine and earn cash back! So don’t be shy and help us grow the iK Tribe!   

QUICK NOTE: Merchants will only get paid the referral reward once the merchant they have referred starts trading.

    Now that you know what's what, let's set up your Shaker Solo and start trading!