iK Pay Link FAQs

Here are the answers to your questions about iK Pay Link.  

Q: What is a payment link?  

A:  A payment link is a unique URL generated and shared by you to your customer to make instant online payments.  


Q: How does a payment link work?  

A:  A few notes to get you going,

  • You generate and share a link with your customer.  
  • Your customer then receives the link . 
  • Your customer clicks on it and is directed to a secure payment page.  
  • Once the payment is made, you will see a successful transaction in Sales History.  

See how you can get started with sending payment links on the free iKhokha app or from your profile


Q: What is the transaction rate for iK Pay Link?  

A: The online payment rate of 2.85% (excl. VAT) per transaction applies.  


Q: Is it safe to use payment links?  

A: Yes, each unique payment link is generated and supported by a secure payment gateway.  


Q: Does my customer need an additional app to pay (one similar to Payfast)? 

A: No. You can share payment links via various messaging platforms (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc).  


Q: Do I need a business website to use iK Pay Link?  

A: No, you don't. You can simply do the following:


Create an iK Pay Link on the Android iKhokha app   

  1. Click the iK Pay Link button on the Home screen of the iKhokha app.  
  2. Enter the amount.  
  3. Checkout and create a payment link to share with the customer via (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc).  


Create an iK Pay Link on the iOS iKhokha app   

  1. Enter the amount and press “Charge.” 
  2. Press “Charge” again on the Edit Bill screen. 
  3. Select “iK Pay Link” and create a payment link to share with the customer via (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc).  
  4. Try sending your first iK Pay Link from the free iKhokha app now.  

Note: Enter your log in password and create a stronger password if necessary to enable the feature (you only need to do this once, when you use the feature for the first time).   




Create an iK Pay Link on your iKhokha profile

(Access your dashboard under the login section of the iKhokha website)

  1. Press on the iK Pay Link menu option on the left of your profile screen and then press the “Create Pay Link” button. 
  2. Enter the Rand amount on the  Create an iK Pay Link pop-up.  
  3. Select “Create Link.” 
  4. Select “Copy Link” and then select the method you would like to use to share the secure payment link on. 
  5. Try sending an iK Pay Link from your iKhokha profile now.  

Q: When does my iK Pay Link expire?  

A: Your iK Pay Link remains valid and does not expire  until payments are successfully made:  

  • if an iK Pay Link is clicked and successfully paid, the payment link will expire, i.e. a payment link cannot be paid twice;  
  • if an iK Pay Link is sent and not clicked; OR is clicked on and the payment isn’t successful then the it will not expire, i.e. the payment link is valid until the payment is successful. This is to avoid you from having to send multiple payment links when transactions/payments fail on your customer’s end.  


Q: Do I receive a notification or approval when my customer has successfully paid a payment link?  

A: Once your customer has successfully paid using a payment link, you can view their online payment transactions in the Sales History of the iKhokha app.  

The title/heading is “Online Payment” and is identifiable by the amount.  

You can also be directed to the Reporter Tool on iK Biz as this records all transactions with relevant customer and payment details.  


Q: Will I receive a receipt for an iK Pay Link transaction?  

A: Yes, you should receive the email receipt of the transaction. It will be classified as an "Online Payment," and the amount will be the identifier. Furthermore, enhancements to this process can be considered for future releases based on internal and external feedback.  


Q: Will I receive a receipt or proof of payment?  

A: You can send a receipt to your customer via SMS or email. To access and send a receipt, select “Payment” in Transaction History. 


Q: What is the settlement timeframe?  

A: The standard settlement timeframe of 24 - 48 hours applies at this stage.  


Q: How do I refund an iK Pay Link?  

A: You will have to do a manual EFT to facilitate a refund at this stage.  


Still have more questions? Our friendly consultants are here to assist. Simply contact us at support@ikhokha.com or call us on 087 222 7000, Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.