How to Get Started with iK Pay Gateway on Shopstar

Install the Shopstar-enabled iK Pay Gateway plugin for free, and start growing your online business the safe and easy way.

If you’re already an iKhokha merchant, read how to set up your iK Pay Gateway for Shopstar.

If you’re not an iKhokha merchant:                             

  1. Visit iK Pay Online.
  2. Register by filling in the registration form and clicking the Register Now 
  3. You’ll get a call back from our onboarding team to help you get FICA approved.

  4. Once you’re FICA approved, read how to set up your iK Pay Gateway for Shopstar.

To use iK Pay Gateway on your Shopstar website, you'll need:

  • To enable the ecommerce feature on your Shopstar store.

What happens after installing iK Pay Gateway for Shopstar?

After you have enabled the iK Pay Gateway plugin for your online store, your customers will see a new iKhokha payment method on your checkout page.

If your customers select this option, they will be redirected to a 3D secure and PCI-compliant iKhokha payment page to pay using their debit or credit card on checkout. 

For further questions and assistance

Feel free to call our support team on 087 222 7000 or email