Setting Up Your iK Pay Gateway Plugin on WooCommerce

Follow these simple steps to enjoy an easier and more affordable way to accept payments on your WordPress website.

To integrate iK Pay Gateway into your WooCommerce website, you need to:

1. Log into your iKhokha Profile by clicking here.

Note: For security purposes, you may be prompted to update your password (please update if asked)

2. After you’ve successfully logged in:
Click on the “Payment options” drop down menu on the left, and select the “Online shop payments” option. Select the “Generate New Key” button next to the “WordPress Plugin” option.


3. Name your store and click “Create New Key”.

Note: Naming your store is for reference purposes only and won’t be displayed anywhere customer facing, nor does it validate with WordPress whether the stores are a match


4. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard

5. Navigate on your left menu and click "Plugins".

On this page, in the top left corner select "Add new".

6. Type "iKhokha" in the search tab.

The "iK Pay Gateway" plugin will appear on screen, select "Install now"


7. Once the plugin has been installed, select "Activate".

8. In the page that now appears, scroll until the "iK Pay Gateway" plugin appears on screen and select "settings".

Note: The next few steps will need you to switch between your iKhokha merchant profile and WooCommerce screens.

9. Navigate back to “iKhokha Profilehere.

10. Copy the Application ID key by using the "copy to clipboard" icon. (That you generated in Step 3).

11. Go back to the Settings tab on your WooCommerce admin dashboard.

12. Paste the Application ID key into the Application ID field (A).
Insert image here

13. Head back to the iK Pay Gateway page and copy the Application Secret Key (B).

14. Navigate to Settings (on the list towards the left) and paste your Secret Key into the Application Secret field (B).

15. Ensure that “Enable Test Mode” is checked and then save the changes.

16. Perform a test transaction of any amount on your website using the following card details (use card details below).

  • Card Number: 1111 1111 1111 1111
  • Expiry date: 11/25
  • CVV: 111

17. When the test transaction is successful, return to the plugin configuration screen and deselect “Enable Test Mode”.
Then save the changes.

18. You’re done!
Enjoy transacting with iKhokha.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to us on 087 222 7000 or email support@ikhokha.com.