Wi-Fi and Mobile Setup

Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide

The Shaker Solo is a versatile device that provides two ways to connect and conduct transactions. It can connect to mobile networks using an operator SIM card, or connect to WiFi.

Whether you're a business on the go or simply looking for an alternative during load-shedding, the Shaker Solo is the perfect solution for staying connected.

Enabling and Connecting to WiFi

Step 1: Enter the "Main" menu by pressing the down-arrow button on your device.


Step 2: Use the arrow keys to scroll down to the "Settings" option and press the green "Enter" button to select it.


Step 3: In the "Settings" menu, select "Network Setup" by highlighting it and pressing the green "Enter" button, it should be highlighted by default.


Step 4: To switch the Network Mode, choose "Network Mode" and press the green "Enter" button. From there you can toggle between the desired network modes by choosing either "WiFi" or "Mobile".

2023-02-13 Menu - Settings - Settings - Network Settings - Network Mode - Mobile - Gif


Step 5: Once you have switched to the desired network mode, select "WiFi Setup" from the menu and press the green "Enter" button.


Step 6: Once you enter the "WiFi Setup" menu, you will see the following options.


Step 7: Press "Enter" on "Scan Networks" and the Solo will;

  • Search for available WiFi networks in range and 
  • return a list of networks.
  • Scroll down to your WiFi Network and press the green "Enter" button.


Step 8: After selecting your WiFi Network you will be asked to enter WiFi password.

NOTE: Typing on the Shaker Solo can seem tricky, especially when it involves uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. But don't be overwhelmed!

We have an easy-to-follow guide that will help you breeze through the process.

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Once the correct password has been entered the WiFi signal indicator will appear in the top status bar .on the home screen.

Due to PCI compliance, only networks with a Wi-Fi password can be connected to

TIP: If you cannot find your Wi-Fi network, try selecting "Manual Setup" on the Wi-Fi Settings menu


If you need further assistance with this functionality, please contact iKhokha at support@ikhokha.com or call 087 222 7000. We're always ready to help you with any questions or issues you may have.