Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide

How to type with the Shaker Solo

Typing on the Shaker Solo may be strange at first, but it’s easy when you get the hang of it!

The alphabet is printed in three-letter sequences above each key number (beginning on "2"), e.g. ABC under “2” key, DEF under “3” key, etc. Exceptions are the "7" key, which includes an additional letter ("PQRS"), and the "9" key which provides for "Z". Punctuation is typically accessed via the "1" key.

Follow the guide below to learn how to become a master typist on the Shaker Solo. 


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Connecting to Wi-Fi


Step 1: Press back to begin


Step 2: Select "Device Settings"


Step 3: Select "Wi-Fi Setup"


Step 4: Once selecting "Wi-Fi Setup" you will see the following menu options


      • Follow the following steps when selecting "Scan Networks"


      • If you cannot find your Wi-Fi network, try selecting "Manual Setup" on the Wi-Fi Settings menu


QUICK TIP: You will find your SSID by selecting "Info" on the Wi-Fi Settings menu



Once the correct password has been entered the Wi-Fi signal indicator will appear next to the battery indicator on the home screen

Due to PCI compliance only networks with a Wi-Fi password can be connected to