Setup & Start Transacting on the Shaker Solo

Now that you've unboxed your Shaker Solo let's get your device up and running.

The first step to getting set up is making sure that the 3G SIM card is inserted into your Shaker Solo card machine.

QUICK NOTE: Remember, the device is delivered with the SIM card already in the card machine.

Next, switch on your Shaker Solo by holding down the power button and follow these steps:

  • Your device will read “press any key to start”
  • Press on the green button
  • It will then read “purchase”
  • Press the green button
  • Enter the desired amount
  • Press the green button
  • Tap, insert or swipe card & enter the pin
  • Press the green button
  • The transaction will either be approved or declined
  • Customer receipt will print automatically. You will also have the option to print a merchant receipt.

It's as easy as that! Next, let's look at typing on the Shaker Solo.