Transacting with the Shaker Duo

Now that your Shaker Duo is paired, you’re ready for the easiest card transaction you’ll ever make. Ready for your first sale?

Follow the steps to start trading with your iKhokha Shaker Duo:

Step 1

Ensure that the iKhokha Shaker Duo is charged, switched on and paired to a smartphone and that you've installed the correct iKhokha app, either Android or iOS device.

Step 2

Open and sign in to the iKhokha app with the email and password used to complete the iKhokha application.

Step 3

Once you've signed in to the iKhokha app, you can begin transacting using your Shaker Duo

QUICK NOTE: Android app users will need to select Card on the home screen, whereas iOS users will be on the transaction screen upon sign-in.

Step 4

To complete a transaction, enter in the amount you wish to charge (e.g. 00test transaction) and select the + sign. Once you've added an amount, a “product added” message will appear.

Step 5

  • To charge the added amount on Android; select the green arrow at the top right-hand side of the screen and select Charge at the bottom of the following screen. ‍
  • To charge the added amount on iOS; click the Charge button at the bottom of the screen, click Charge again on the following screen and select Pay with Card

Step 6

An “authenticating/processing” message will appear. The iKhokha Mover Pro will then prompt you to Present Card. Insert, swipe card or tap the card, ask your customer to enter their PIN and press the green button.

Step 7

Once the transaction is approved, remove the card and tap the Approved bubble on your smartphone. You can then choose to send a receipt via A) email or B) SMS. Alternatively, you can skip the receipt.

Step 8

After completing a transaction, the iKhokha app will record the purchase under your history and add the sale to a report. You can access this report at any time.

What happens next? Let's walk through printing or sending a receipt.