iKhokha FAQ

How do I complete my profile if I’m not a SA Citizen?

Once you've created your profile, please submit the information listed below to verify your identity and to complete your profile.

Please note: When sending the information, please use the same email address you used to create the profile. If you haven’t got a profile yet, you can create one here.


As you are not a South African Citizen or don’t have a South African ID number, to verify your identity please email through the following to onboarding@ikhokha.com:

  • Selfie of you holding a valid foreign passport with the details on the document clearly visible.
  • Copy of the original valid (not expired) foreign passport.
  • Copy of a valid (not expired) permit, either residence/ work/ study/ asylum seeker/ spousal (for spousal permit a copy of the marriage certificate also needs to be emailed).

Depending on the type of business you have, we also need some additional details. Together with the above information, please also email through the items listed under the business type that is relevant to your business. 

  • Sole Trader/ Sole Proprietor (Individually owned business that isn’t registered)
    No additional information needed.

  • Registered Business (CC or Pty Ltd) 
    • Copies of the directors’ original ID (all or a minimum of 4 directors).
    • Company registration number (if available a copy of the CIPC document).

  • Trust
    • Copies of the trustees’ original ID (all or a minimum of 4 trustees).
    • Original trust deed and any supplemental deed with the latest list of trustees.

  • Partnership
    • Copies of the partners’ original ID (all or a minimum of 4 partners).
    • Partnership agreement.

  • Non-Profit Organisation (Not registered with the Department of Social Development)
    • Copies of the members/directors’ original ID (all or a minimum of 4 members/directors).
    • Constitution or Founding Document.
    • NPO Certificate.

  • Other Legal Person (Informal body such as schools, clubs, churches, societies, stokvels)
    • Copies of the members/trustees’ original ID (all or a minimum of 4 members/trustees).
    • Constitution or Founding document.

  • Other Legal Entity (Includes a non-governmental or non-profit organisation (NGO/NPO) registered with the Department of Social Development or any other business type not listed above)
    • Copies of the members original ID (all or a minimum of 4 members).
    • CIPRO or Business Registration Docs or Constitution or Founding document  (if applicable).


Once we’ve received the information, iKhokha will verify the details and let you know if you’ve been approved or contact you to get any additional information that we need.

Look out for our number 087 222 7000 or an email from us.

You can also check the status of your profile by logging into the iK Dashboard using the email and password you used to create your profile.

If you’ve purchased a card machine then get your card machine linked to your profile.