Navigating on the Shaker Solo

Find your way around the iKhokha Shaker Solo using this handy resource.

With the improved functionality on the Shaker Solo, you can now perform various tasks from your device. 

  • Easier navigation
  • Test your internet connection 
  • Print your last receipt 
  • Easily process refunds 
  • Toggle between WiFi and 3G networks 

QUICK TIP: Keep your Shaker Solo updated to ensure you enjoy all the latest features your card machine can offer. 

Getting to Know Your Shaker Solo

Getting to grips with your Shaker Solo is easier than you think! Follow this simple navigation guide to find the functionality you're looking for: 

Shaker Solo New Menu

  • Purchase
  • Print Last Receipt
  • Print Cash-Up
  • Refund
  • Settings
  • Network Setup
    • Network Mode Toggle: 3g/Wi-Fi
    • WiFi Setup
      • Scan Networks
      • Manage Saved Networks
      • Manual
      • Setup
      • Info
    • Test Connection
      • Clear Wi-Fi Settings
      • You Are About To Clear The Wi-Fi Settings?
    • Power Settings
      • Auto Off Toggle:
      • Battery Warning
      • Battery Status
    • System Information
      • Info Version
      • Print System Info
    • Check For Update
      • Update Could Take A Few Minutes
      • Would You Still Like To Update?
      • 1. Now / 2.Later


Having trouble navigating your Shaker Solo? We're here to help.

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