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Keeping my iK Flyer up to date

The iK Flyer runs on Android. Make sure you always have the latest updates to keep you trading securely and reliably

Q: What is an Android update on the iK Flyer?

A: From time-to-time there will be security or performance updates to the Android operating system installed on the iK Flyer. These updates work just like your phone and ensures that your device is working at it's best


Q: How do I know if there is an Android update available on my iK Flyer

A: You will be notified of updates in one of two ways:


Update notifications on the device

  1. When there is an update available you will get a notification on your device
  2. Once the update is successfully downloaded, the device will notify you to install the update
  3. While the update installs, you will not be able to transact
  4. After the update is installed, the device will restart
  5. You are now ready to start trading again


The "System Update" app 

  1. Open the "System Update" app located in the folder called "Tools"
  2. Press the "Check the update" button
  3. If there is an update available, you can start the download and install the update

Tip: Press the "Speed Limited" button and move the slider all the way to the right so that the setting states "Speed not limited". This is the fastest way to download the update.


Q: What happens if I skip the update?

A: Opting not to update your device could result in performance issues. It's best to ensure that you keep your device up to date. We will keep reminding you to update Android on your iK Flyer.


Q: How often will I need to update Android on the Flyer?

A: Android updates on the Flyer are rare.

Note: Android updates are different from iKhokha app updates on the Flyer, which happen more often as new features and overall experience improvements are made. This is just another way we make doing business easier.