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iK Flyer FAQs

Any questions that haven't been answered before are listed below.

Topics in this article:

  1. Refunds
  2. Cash up (app versions prior to 3.2.10)
  3. iK Cash (Advance)
  4. VAT
  5. Tips
  6. iK Vend
  7. Yellow Shortcut Button


Q: How do I process a refund on the iK Flyer

A: For now refunds are not supported on the iK Flyer


Q: How do I perform a Cash Up on the iK Flyer (app versions prior to 3.2.10)

A: Cash Ups on the iK Flyer are digital and generated for a full day. The cash up will be generated for all the transactions performed by the staff member logged into the card machine you are doing the cash up on.

To perform a Cash Up:

  1. Open the “Manage” option at the botton of your main iKhokha App screen
  2. Enter the email address to send the Cash Up to

Emailed Cash ups will only show the transactions from 00:00 the same day. Update your iK Flyer to the latest version to do printed cash up reports.

Find out how to perform printed Cash Up report if you have updated to the latest app version on your iK Flyer

Q: What is iK Cash?

A: iKhokha Cash Advance gives you access to instant cash to give your business that extra boost

For more info on iK Cash, visit Help Center | Cash Advance


Q: How do I show the total VAT on the iK Flyer receipt?

A: For now VAT is not calculated on the iK Flyer receipts

Make sure to capture a valid VAT number so that when this function becomes available, that the VAT number is displayed correctly on receipts.


Q: How do I enable Tips on the iK Flyer

A: For now the iK Flyer does not have a way to include a tip amount in the transaction


Q: What is iK Vend

A: For now iK Vend is not supported on the iK Flyer

For more info on iK Vend, visit Help Center | iK Vend


Q: What is the yellow shortcut button for?

A: The yellow button can be customised to quickly perform a number of quick actions

Set the yellow shortcut button to automatically open the iKhokha App

  1. Opens Settings on the iK Flyer
  2. Find the “Custom Key” menu item
  3. Scroll down to the “Launch app” section
  4. Find the iKhokha App in the list and select it