Understanding and Using Prepaid
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Selling Airtime & Data on Your Shaker Solo

Learn how to conveniently sell prepaid airtime and data vouchers with the Shaker Solo card machine.

Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Prepaid Airtime Vouchers

Follow the easy steps below to sell prepaid vouchers on your Shaker Solo.

NOTE: To sell prepaid, ensure that you have enabled the prepaid feature on your Solo. Read the article on how to enable prepaid on your Shaker Solo here.


Step 1: Press the "Menu" button on the Shaker Solo to start.

To access the Solo's main menu press the down arrow on the home screen.


Step 2: Use the down arrow key to highlight the "Sell Prepaid (iK Vend)" option, or press the corresponding number on the keypad to quick-select the option, then press the green "enter" button to select it.


Step 3: Select "Airtime" by pressing the green "enter" button.


Step 4: Select the network operator you want to sell "Airtime" for, by using the down arrow to choose the relevant network and then by pressing the green "enter" button to select it.


Step 5: After selecting the network, select the value of "Airtime" that you would like to sell, choose the relevant airtime voucher and press the green "enter" button to select it.


Step 6: After selecting the "airtime amount", you will be presented with a confirmation screen. Press '1" to purchase the selected airtime voucher.