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Getting Started with iK Prepaid

It's easy! You only need:

  1. An iKhokha card machine (if you need to sell printed vouchers) or the iKhokha app (if you only want to sell SMS vouchers)
  2. Cash or a Bank account (to buy airtime, prepaid vouchers or digital products from us)

How does it work?

📌 Step 1 - Get an iKhokha card machine or the iKhokha app

If you need to sell printed vouchers, you need an iKhokha card machine with printer:

Call us on 087 222 7000 or click here to buy our latest card machine

If you only need to send vouchers by SMS:

📌 Step 2 - Top-up your prepaid balance

This is the balance of money that you use to buy airtime, prepaid vouchers and digital products from us.

You can top-up your prepaid balance with cash at an ABSA ATM, or with an EFT from your bank account.

Click here for details on how to top-up your prepaid balance

📌 Step 3 - Sell airtime and other products

Click here for instructions on how to sell products on your card machine or app

 📌 Step 4 - See your profits come into your balance

Every time you sell airtime, a prepaid voucher, or another digital product, we give you money back in your prepaid balance. This profit is paid out to you in the first week of every month, for all the sales you made in the previous month

Click here for more details on profits