Retail Purchases

Your First Transaction: Shaker Solo

Congratulations! You're ready for your first transaction with iKhokha.

How to Complete your first transaction

Call us on 087 222 7000 and our Customer Success Team will walk you through your first transaction. Alternatively, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Turn on the Shaker Solo

Step 2: Press any button to start

Step 3: Screen will say "purchase" - press the green button

Step 4: Enter a test amount (e.g. R3.50)

Step 5: Insert, swipe or tap & enter PIN

Step 6: Print a receipt

Low transaction rates

The more you transact, the less you pay


Monthly Card Volume

Transaction Rate

R0 – R40, 000


R40,000 – R60, 000


R60,000 – R80, 000


R80, 000 – R100, 000


R100, 000+

Get a custom low rate


  1. Rates are excluding VAT
  2. All new customers start at 2.75% ex. VAT unless agreed upon before hand
  3. A custom rate needs to be requested. Email

Should you need assistance, please contact our Support Team on:

087 222 7000 or