Retail Purchases

Your First Transaction: Mover Pro & Shaker Duo

Congratulations! You're ready for your first transaction with iKhokha.

There are 2 ways to complete your first transaction

  1. Complete a walkthrough with an iKhokha representative
  2. The self-starter method

1. Complete a walkthrough with an iKhokha representative


Call us on 087 222 7000 and our Customer Success Team will walk you through your first transaction. Alternatively, follow the steps below.


2. The Self-starter Method

If you want to fast track your first transaction, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Launch the App

  • Open the iKhokha app
  • Android users: Select "Card Payment"
  • iOS users: You'll land on the transaction screen
  •  Tap "YES, CONNECT" to complete the set-up 

Step 2: Enter an Amount

  • Enter a test amount (e.g., R3.50)
  • Tap the + sign 

Step 3: Charge the Amount

  • Android users: Click the Checkout button > Select Charge
  • iOS users:  Tap the + sign > Click -Charge" > Select "Pay Card" 

Step 4: Present Card

  • Your device will prompt you to present a card
  • You can either tap, swipe or insert the card
  • Enter the PIN 

Step 5: Success!

  • Tap the "approved" bubble 


Should you need assistance, please contact our Support Team on:

087 222 7000 or