WooCommerce Refunds

How to refund your online customers after they’ve made a payment through the iK Pay Gateway.

You can now process full or partial refunds to your customers directly from your WooCommerce dashboard to their credit or debit cards. 


With the iK Pay Gateway WooCommerce refund function, you can: 

  • Refund all debit and credit card transactions 
  • Control full or partial refund amounts 
  • Perform refunds without any additional refund fees 
  • Refund payments back into the customer’s bank account within 48 hours 
  • Complete the refund transaction from your WooCommerce dashboard and update the order automatically 


How to process a WooCommerce refund 

  • Log into your WooCommerce dashboard 
  • On the left-hand menu select WooCommerce  
  • From the drop down menu, select Orders 
  • You will see all your orders and their status. This is what each status means: 
    • Processing: Payment is received and the order is being processed 
    • Completed: Payment is received and the order has been completed 
    • Pending: Payment for the order is pending 
    • Cancelled: Order has been cancelled 
    • Refunded: Order has been successfully refunded 

Please note: You may only refund an order that is in a Processing or Completed status 


To process a full refund: 

  • Select the order you wish to refund 

  • The order details will be displayed, select Refund 

  • On the order item, select the quantity (Qty) to refund and the refund amount will automatically update  
  • Select Refund Via iKhokha 


Please note: The amount of unsettled funds in your WooCommerce account needs to be enough to perform the refund successfully via iKhokha. If not, there is a manual option available to refund your customers alternatively (e.g. Instant EFT). 

  • You may enter the optional Reason for the Refund 
  • The refunded amount reflects as a negative value in red 

Once the refund is successfully processed, the order status will update to Refunded.  



To process a partial refund: 

If there are multiple items in one order but not all items need to be refunded, no problem!  

You can perform a partial refund with these easy steps: 

  • Select the order you wish to refund  

  • Select the items you wish to refund and their quantity 
  • Then select Refund via iKhokha 

  • The individual item will be refunded and the order status will update to Partial Refund.  

  • The amount will display as a negative number in red and the balance of the total order as the Net Payment 
  • Once the partial refund is processed, the refunded amount is subtracted from the total transaction amount on the Orders screen. 


Important information to take note of: 

  • A refund can only be performed on successful WordPress website transactions 
  • Refunds can only be performed on credit and debit card transactions 
  • Only orders in Processing or Completed status may be refunded 
  • An order with a Cancelled status cannot be refunded 
  • Refunds will not be processed between 5:00am and 7:00am as this is when the settlement of daily transactions occurs 
  • A message similar to the one displayed below will pop up if you trying to perform a refund during the daily settlement process: 

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Need assistance? Call our support team on 031 942 2233 or email payonline@ikhokha.com