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Updating the iKhokha App on the iK Flyer Lite

Keeping the iKhokha App on the iK Flyer Lite up to date will ensure you always have the latest features and best experience.

Auto updates

  • The iKhokha App wil auto update in the background when the app is not in use
  • If the iKhokha app is in use and you see a popup asking you if you would like to update, you can proceed to update immediately or postpone the update to a more convenient time.

Manual updates

If your iKhokha App didn’t update automatically, you can update it manually:
  1. Open the Home screen by pressing the circle at the bottom in the middle
  2. Swipe to the correct screen and find the “App Store”
  3. Tap to open the “App Store”
  4. Find the iKhokha App in the list
  5. Open the iKhokha App store listing by selecting it
  6. At the bottom there will be an orange “Update” button
  7. Press “Update” and wait for it to complete
  8. Reopen the iKhokha App by pressing the “Open” button when it appears