Refund a Card Payment

With iKhokha’s in-app refund feature, you can process refunds on the spot!

Let’s Process Your First Refund

So, you need to reverse a transaction and process a refund? Luckily, getting your customers refunded is quick and easy using the iKhokha app!

QUICK NOTE: Refunds can only be processed on the day of the transaction, and the card used to make the purchase must be present.

How to Process a Refund:

  • Launch the iKhokha app
  • Click on the Refund button on the Home screen (NB: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on)
  • Enter the receipt number
  • Select OK
  • The refund screen will load with the initial amount charged
  • Click Refund
  • Insert the card (NB: It must be the same card used for the initial payment)
  • Once the refund is processed, the Send Receipt screen will load to finalise the refund.

Know Your Limits

Please note that only refunds up to R750 can be processed using the iKhokha app. You can also only refund the full amount of transaction. Partial refunds are not supported at this stage.

Need to refund more than R750? Any further questions regarding refunds? Please contact the iKhokha Support Team on 087 222 7000.

QUICK NOTE: This feature is currently only available on the Android iKhokha app. (iOS is coming soon)