Quick Payment Request

Request Quick Payment

Learn how to send a Pay Link from your Merchant Dashboard and get paid within seconds!

  1. First things first
    Log in to your Merchant dashboard by clicking here

Please note that your profile must be 100% complete and in good status before you are able to use this feature.


For New users, kindly ensure that the below message banner is displayed on the homepage of your Merchant Dashboard before you are able to use this feature.



2. On the homepage of your Merchant profile, in the left action pane, select "Payment options", 
and then click "iK Pay Link"

3. On the "Send a Pay Link" main menu, from options, select "Request a Quick Payment"

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4. Capture your details as per below example, and click "Create Link" when all information has been captured

Please note the below:

  • The description field of this Pay Link does not need to be captured unless otherwise preferred.
  • The amount in the Pay Link may not exceed a value of R80 000


5. Click "Yes, create link" on the pop up.

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Your payment is created!

6. You may share this Pay Link with customers by selecting one of the sharing options available on screen.

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7. Click "Done", to return the pay link main menu page. 

Happy transacting!


Having trouble sending an iK Pay Link?

Give us a call on 087 222 7000, Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm or email support@ikhokha.com for assistance