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Product & Service Pay Link

A Product or Service Pay Link gives you the option to select a combination of Products and Services (up to a maximum of 3) that can be shared with customers for them to select options from which to purchase.

  1. Log in to your Merchant Dashboard and select Payment options from the menu on the left.
    Nav menu Desktop
  2. From the Pay Link sub-menu, select the Product & Service Pay Link

    PSP link option
  3. Give your "Basket" a name that is easily referenced for both yourself and your customers. Add a description if you want your Customer to know something specific upfront when viewing the Pay Link. PSP setup 1
  4. Proceed to add the Products and Services (any combination of each up to a maximum of 3 items (includes all the variant options you may have configured.PSP Product Selection
  5. Once selected, you can choose to delete and add from the configuration screen.PSP Product basket
  6. In the last step, setup the combination of customer information you want to collect. PLEASE NOTE: Customers are required to provide their email and cell number before making payment, so that you are able to make contact with them in order to arrange delivery or collection.
    Customer config
  7. Choose a method of socialising the Pay Link with your customers.
    sharing link
  8. Your customers are presented with the option to select from your Products and Services and choose which variant of a product they want before making a purchase.Customer selection PSP-1
  9. Once your customer has made payment successfully, they will be presented with a proof of payment which provides a transaction reference which you can use to verify that the sale was successful.