Processing a Refund on the Shaker Solo

Need to process a refund? With the Shaker Solo, you can now process refunds up to R750 directly from your device.

How to process a refund:

  1. Press any button on the Shaker Solo to start
  2. Press down arrow and select Refund
  3. Enter the CDP Number for the transaction you want to refund
  4. Present Card
  5. Enter PIN
  6. Your Shaker Solo will notify you whether the refund was successful or unsuccessful
  7. Complete the transaction by printing a receipt.

QUICK NOTE: Looking for the CDP Number? You’ll find the CDP number on the printed receipt of the transaction you wish to refund.

QUICK NOTE: This functionality is only available for credit card transactions (debit cards currently not supported) and is compatible with most South African banks.

Need help? Contact our Support Team on 087 222 7000 or email for assistance.