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Printing an X-Preview-Shift Summary Report

When using X-Preview-Shift report, the Shaker Solo offers two options;

  • the X-Preview-Shift-Summary report and the
  • X-Preview-Shift-Detailed report.

This guide specifically covers the X-Preview-Shift-Summary report.

If you need information on the X-Preview-Shift-Detailed report, please refer to our knowledge base article by clicking here.

What is an X-Preview-Shift-Summary Report?

An X Preview Shift Summary report covers all the payments stored on the Solo Shaker for the last 72 hours in a basic summary view, with;

  • a transaction range and
  • a transaction total

Printing an X-Preview-Shift-Summary Report

How to Print an X (Preview) Summary Report?

Step 1: Press the down arrow "Menu" key to access the menu.


Step 2: Select "Print Cash-Up" using the down arrow, then press the green button.


Step 3: Select "X Preview Shift," then press the green enter button.


Step 4: Select "Summary," then press the green button.

Finished: The summary report will print automatically.

Example Report with TIPs Disabled

Example Report with TIPs Enabled

NOTE: You can print an X Preview Report at any time of day to see a running total of all your card transactions.


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