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Printing a Z (End of Shift) Detailed Report

Ready to end a shift? Here's how to complete a shift on the Shaker Solo.

What is a Z (End of Shift) Report?

Z (End of Shift) report covers the entire shift from opening to close, since the 'last end-of-shift’. The next time you process a transaction on the Shaker Solo, the transactions will be saved on a new Z report.

How to Access and Print the End-Of-Shift (Z-Cash-Up) Report

Step 1: Press the "Menu" button on the Shaker Solo to start.

To access the Solo's main menu press the down arrow on the home screen.

Step 2: Use the arrow keys to highlight the "Print Cash-Up" option, or press the corresponding number on the keypad to quick-select the option and then press the green "Enter" button to select it.

Note: The corresponding quick access numbers may change based on the user menus selected.

Step 3: Select "Z End of Shift" then press the green button.

Step 4: Select "Detailed" then press the green button and the report will load and print automatically.

TIP: With the latest version of Solo, merchants can reprint the Z End-of-Shift Report. This enhancement provides a solution to the issue faced in previous versions, allowing users to generate additional copies of the report as needed.



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