Products available for sale

We make it possible for you to sell a wide range of airtime, prepaid and digital products:

  • Airtime vouchers
  • Data vouchers
  • Hollywood Bets Vouchers - coming soon on Mover
  • OTT Vouchers - coming soon on Mover
  • Electricity vouchers  
  • Water and Gas voucher 
  • DSTV bill payments 
  • Pay@ bill payments 
  • Easypay bill payments 
  • Mukuru money transfers 
  • Mama money transfers 
  • Traffic fines 

⚠️ Coming soon on all devices

Some of these products are not yet available on some of our card machines.

We are hard at work to make them available to everyone in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

Note: Products offered may change over time depending on the card machine, suppliers, and stock availability