iK Donation

How to create a Fundraiser using Donations

Follow the below series of instructions to create and share your iK Donations Link!

  1. Log in to your Merchant dashboard by clicking here

Please note that your profile must 100% complete and in good status before you are able to use this feature.

If you are not already a Merchant, please sign up here


For New users kindly ensure that the below message is displayed on the homepage of your Merchant Dashboard before you are able to use this feature.



2. On the homepage of your Merchant profile, in the left action pane, select "Payment options", 
and then click "iK Pay Link"


3. On the "Send a Pay Link" main menu, from options, select "iK Donations"
Capture you details as per below example, and click "Create Link" when all information has been captured.

Note: If you have the below details, please fill them out so we can display them on the Donation page your sponsors will see:

  • Website URL 
  • Social Media links

You can also decide if you would like sponsors to leave a message when they are making a donation by toggling the "Leave message" on.

Accept donations

4. Click "Yes, create link" on the pop up.

yes create link

Your fundraising event is now created!

5. You may either:

Share this Donation link with customers by selecting one of the sharing options available on screen.

NEW - Download the QR code and share it with your sponsors. 

QR download

Note: You can download and print the QR code and display it anywhere for quicker and more convenient payments. 

 download format

Feel free to share on another channel of your choice: 

  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Copy to clipboard

7. Click ""Done", to return the pay link main menu page. 

Happy transacting!