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iK Multiple Payment Link

Learn how to send a Multiple Payment Request from your Merchant Dashboard and receive multiple payments from customers within seconds!

What is a Multiple Payment Request?  

A multiple payment request is a unique URL link that can accept multiple payments with a fixed or price-less amount. This link can be generated and shared by you to your customer to make instant online payments. You can decide when to deactivate or reactivate the link. 


  • One payment link can receive many payments. 

  • Multiple payment requests can be used to sell products and to collect payments for services rendered 

  • Tips can be configured to be received via this payment request 

  • Allow customers to add their delivery address when checking out to have their goods delivered 

  • Simple and quick to share on your channel of choice: 

    • WhatsApp 

    • Email 

    • Copy link (To paste and share on any other social media platform of your choice) 

    • Download QR Code (To print out and display in a place of your choice, for customers to scan when making payment)