iK Invoice FAQ

iK Invoice FAQ's

  1. What is iK Invoice? 
    iK Invoice is a free, online tool that helps you send unlimited invoices to your customers via email or WhatsApp. It has an embedded iK Pay Link which allows your customers to pay safely, quickly and conveniently.  

         Learn more about payment links.  

  2.   Do I need to pay for the invoicing tool? 

No, accessing iK Invoice is free. You only pay per transaction when your customer pays via the Pay Link. The online payment rate of 2.85% (excl. VAT) per transaction applies.  

3.    Do I need a business website to send an iK Invoice? 

No, you can use iK Invoice without a business website. You can send invoices straight from your iKhokha merchant profile. 

4.    My invoice has been paid but it shows as Unpaid in my Invoice History

 For now, only payments made via the Pay Button on the Invoice, will reflect as Paid. In future, other types of payments will reflect.