iKhokha Profile and Account

How to Edit Your Banking Details

You can easily change your bank account details under "manage my business" on the iK Dashboard.

To change the bank account where we payout your iKhokha transactions, follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to your iK Dashboard.
  2. Open to “Manage my business” > “My Profile”

    iK Dashboard Select Menu    Menu for Manage my Business    Menu for My Profile

  3. Expand the “Banking Details” section.

    Banking details open

  4. Select “Edit”.

    Edit bank details

  5. Enter your new bank account details and submit.

    Edit my bank account details

  6. Select “Confirm” if your new account details are correct.

    Confirm banking details

  7. You’ll receive a verification code via email. Enter that code.

    Verification code

Then we’ll verify your new details. If everything is correct, we’ll payout into your new account within 48 hours.


Remember: the new bank account must belong to the same person or business the iKhokha profile was created for. If it’s different, please email support@ikhokha.com or call our support team on 087 222 7000 for help.


What if my changes are unsuccessful?

If we fail to verify of your new banking details, email the bank account confirmation letter of the new account to support@ikhokha.com and our support team will help you.


If you accidentally entered your new account’s details incorrectly, you can go back to your Dashboard, edit and resubmit them following steps 1 through 7 above.


We’ll continue to pay into your existing bank account until we’ve verified your new banking details.


What is a bank confirmation letter?

It’s a document you get from your bank to confirm your bank account exists and the name of the account holder. You could easily get your letter via your bank’s online banking or their app.