Create iK Buy Button

How to create a Buy Button

Learn how to create a customised Buy Button from your Merchant Dashboard, to place anywhere on your website and receive multiple payments from customers within seconds, with just one click!

Your profile must be 100% complete and verified for you to be able to use the feature. If you see this banner, you good to go!

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Let’s get started!

Log in to your Merchant Dashboard by clicking here

  1. Once logged in, click on the payment options side bar and under integrations select "iK Buy Button"
  2. On the iK Buy Button landing page, select "Create iK Buy Button"
  3. On the Set Up Your Buy Button page, capture the required information and select “Continue”
  4. On the Customise Your Buy Button page, you can configure your buy button style with the various settings such as text, colour, corners and width
  5. There is a live preview of your button as you configure it­
  6. Under the Display Options tab, there is the option to Display reference and Display price
  7. If this is toggled on, then the reference and price will be displayed above the Buy Button click “Create iK Buy Button"
  8. Click “Create iK Buy Button”
  9. The created Buy Button will display as a block of HTML code on the Share screen
  10. This code can be:
  11. Shared via Email and/or WhatsApp
  12. Copied by clicking “Copy Code”
  13. Click on the applicable link to learn how to embed the code on your website

When configuring and customising a Buy Button, the merchant may:

  • Specify an amount to be paid or allow the customer to pay an amount of their choice*
  • Add a payment reference which will display above the Buy Button*
  • Specify if the customer should add a reference to their payment
  • Add a description for the Buy Button
  • Specify if customer should capture their delivery information
  • Specify if customers can add a tip to their payments

Note: All fields marked with an (*) is mandatory and therefore must be captured.


How to track payments and view customer's delivery address 

  1. Go to Buy Button History (on the iK Buy Button landing page)
  2. Find the specific Buy Button that you would like to track and click “Actions”
    1. Select “View” to open the detail of the Buy Button
    2. Under Transactions, select "view" to open a detailed view of the Buy Button transaction 
    3. In this detailed view, the customer's address will display (if the merchant opted to collect it when setting up the buy button)

  3. In the Buy Button History, there is also the functionality to:
      1. Share
      2. Download
      3. Edit
      4. Disable/Activate
  4. Please note: if a buy button is edited, the code will have to be copied and embedded again, in order to see the changes