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Getting Started with iK Tap on Phone

Welcome to the step-by-step guide to the next generation of mobile payments – iK Tap on Phone.  Get set up by following these simple steps and be on your way to accepting quick and easy card payments with your phone anytime, anywhere.  

What is iK Tap on Phone? 

iK Tap on Phone is iKhokha’s latest mobile payment innovation. With iK Tap on Phone, you can take payments by tapping a card on your phone using the free iKhokha app. It’s easy and secure, just like a normal card machine, but with no hardware costs.  So, whether you want to accept a payment on the go or need a backup card machine, iK Tap on Phone is the easy and affordable way to grow your business.


Note: Before you begin, allow the iKhokha app access to your camera, and switch on NFC in your “Settings” (the iKhokha app will prompt you to turn it on if you haven’t).


How to enable iK Tap on Phone

1. Go to settings on the iKhokha app.

2. Select Card Machine Type or BT Devices.

3. Enable “Tap on Phone” by swiping the grey switch.

4. Wait a few seconds for iK Tap on Phone to be activated.

5. An in-app notification will confirm that iK Tap on Phone is enabled.

6. You’re ready to start transacting when the switch is green.


How to start transacting with iK Tap on Phone

1. Select “Tap On Phone” on the iKhokha app.

2. Enter the payment amount and then press the “Plus” button.

3. Proceed by clicking the "Checkout" button.

4. Tap "Charge" to confirm the amount and proceed to payment.

5. Hold the card within 5cm of the back of your phone. When you feel a vibration hold still.

6. Remove the card when all four dots have turned yellow.

7. Wait a few seconds for the payment to process.

8. Send a digital receipt via email or SMS


Still have more questions? Our friendly consultants are here to assist. Simply contact us at or call us on 087 222 7000, Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.