Enabling VAT Functionality

Are you a VAT registered vendor? Here’s how you can enable VAT functionality on your Shaker Solo.

What is VAT Functionality?

VAT functionality is a feature on the Shaker Solo that allows you to calculate VAT automatically on each transaction and view VAT on receipts and back-end reports.

The feature calculates 15% of the VAT inclusive price and shows you the VAT total of your transaction on receipts and reports.

How to turn on VAT Functionality

Follow the steps below to enable the  VAT functionality on your Shaker Solo: 



Step 1:

Turn on your Shaker Solo device


Step 2:

Press the yellow system mode button to enter the System Settings menu

Step 3:

Scroll down to the User Settings and press the green enter button


Step 4:

Navigate to "Include VAT"


Step 5:

Press the green button to enable/disable VAT functionality.


Need more help enabling VAT functionality.

Email us on support@ikhokha.com com or call iKhokha support 087 222 7000 and we’ll be happy to assist