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Enabling Tip Functionality on Your Shaker Solo

In the service business? Here’s how to use tip functionality to receive tips for your service.

What is Tip Functionality?

Tip functionality allows you to accept tips on the Shaker Solo and display tip totals on receipts and cash-up reports.

Quick Steps on How to Turn on Tip Functionality

  • Menu > Settings > User Settings > Include Tip > Enabled / Disabled

Detailed Steps on How to Turn on Tip Functionality

Follow the steps below to enable the Tip functionality on your Shaker Solo: 

Step 1: With your Solo turned on, press the "Menu" button on the Shaker Solo to start.

To access the Solo's main menu press the down arrow on the home screen.


Step 2: Use the arrow keys to highlight the "Settings" option, or press the corresponding number on the keypad to quick-select the option and then press the green "enter" button to select it.


Step 3: Scroll down to the "User Settings" menu using the down arrow and continue by pressing the green "enter" button.


Step 4: Select the "Include Tip" menu item and press the green "enter" button.

You will notice that when you press "enter" on a highlighted option, the menu will cycle between enabled and disabled repeatedly.

Make sure "Include Tip" is enabled to capture tips for every transaction.


Performing a Transaction with Tips Enabled. 

Step 1: Press the "Payment" button on the Shaker Solo to start.


Step 2: Next, set the "Waiter ID" for the waiter you wish to log the tip against.

Example of how-to use Tip: Bean Brewing Coffee has 3 waiters, Avi, Bongi, and Chris. They recently decided to enable tips on their Shaker Solo. After a discussion, each waiter chose a unique waiter ID. Avi chose "01," Bongi chose "02," and Chris chose "99."

Every time Chris processes a payment, he enters his unique waiter ID, "99," into the system. The tips for each waiter are displayed on the detailed and summary cash-ups, as well as the reports on

The manager can use this data to track and pay the waiters their tips daily. This system has motivated them to work harder and provide excellent customer service.




Step 2: Use the numeric keypad to enter the transaction amount e.g. R100.00 then press the green "enter" button to proceed. 


Step 3: Select or let the customer select the tip amount by using the up and down arrows to highlight the option and by pressing the green "enter" button to proceed. 


Step 4: Complete the transaction by inserting, tapping, or swiping the customer's debit or credit card on the Shaker Solo.


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