How to embed the code

Embedding the code into a Custom Website

How to embed the code into a custom website:

  1. We will use this dummy site below, to demonstrate how a button can be easily added to a site that has never had a 'Buy Button” previously.
  2. We will incorporate a Buy Button for the “Americano” option in the coffee shop.
  3. Create your Buy Button within the iK Dashboard, and after generating it, retrieve the Buy Button code from the share page.
  4.  Obtain access to your website's source code as depicted below: 
  5. We will now add this button for the product labelled “Cappuccino”
  6. Find the product labelled “Cappuccino” in the website’s source code.
  7. Paste the button code we copied from the dashboard (in Step 3) and paste it under the “Cappuccino” product. For example:
  8. Review your website to confirm that the Buy Button is displayed according to your customisation for the "Cappuccino" product.
  9. Please note that your styling could override the editing button styling you had copied from the dashboard.