What is iKash?

iKash is iKhokha’s digital currency that you earn by selling prepaid products with in Vend, our in-app vending service

What is iKash?

iKash is iKhokha’s digital currency. You'll earn iKash from selling selected prepaid products and services using either card transactions on your iKhokha card machine or by paying with the iKash in your iK Wallet.

A value of R1 is equal to iK1, which means iKash can be used just like real Rands within iK Vend on the iKhokha App! So, you can use accumulated iKash to Vend products to your customers and keep the cash.


QUICK NOTE: iKash is a digital currency. This means it cannot be withdrawn. It can only be used to complete transactions on iK Vend.


What can you sell with iKash?

  • Airtime
  • Data
  • SMS Bundles
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Gas

Value of iKash?

iKash is the same as the rand, i.e. R1 = 1 iKash. It's stored in a digital wallet called the iK Wallet.


What is the iK Wallet?

This is where all the sales commission you get from selling iK Vend products is stored as iKash, for an unlimited period of time.


How to Exchange iKash for Cash?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Make sure the balance in your iK Wallet is above R0.00.

Step 2: When a customer asks for an iK Vend product, buy it using your iKash.

Step 3: Collect the same amount from your customer and keep the money.


Can I Withdraw iKash?

No. Remember, iKash is a digital currency for iK Vend use only.


How iKash Works



Meet Vusi

He recently opened a spaza shop and got a Mover Pro for easy payments.

Vusi-iKash_2 Vusi can now sell prepaid airtime, data, electricity, gas and water from his shop through iK Vend.
Vusi-iKash_3 His customers can also settle their municipality bills, DSTV accounts and traffic fines easily, and without going to town.

The more iK Vend products he sells, the more iKash he earns on all qualifying sales.

Vusi-iKash_5 Vusi couldn't be happier since he knows he can also change his iKash for cash.
Vusi-iKash_6 By using his iKash to buy iK Vend products for his customers, Vusi can keep the money he collects from them.
Vusi-iKash_7 He's also aware that iK Vend isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. So, he's happy to get more iKash over time.

How Can I Get More iKash?

Using the iKhokha app, you can:

  • Top up by debit or credit card
  • Top up at an ATM
  • Top up via EFT

When you have finished topping up your iKash, you will see your recharge amount in your iK Wallet within 1 - 3 business days.


Top Up Fees

Whenever you top up your iK Wallet with iKash, we will charge a nominal fee depending on the amount you load. The charges are:

R7.50 for charges of between R10 - R999

R15.00 for charges of between R1000 - R5000

No wallet loads of more than R5000 are allowed.


To know more about the iK Wallet, visit help.ikhokha.com/what-is-ik-wallet and enter the keywords "iK Wallet" in the search bar.

You can also visit www.ikhokha.com/vend for more information.