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What is Cash-up?

Cash-up is the process of reconciling all cash and card transactions that have occurred during a sales shift.

This process is critical to your daily business operations, as it ensures that you are on track with the finances coming into your business.

Using the Shaker Solo to Cash-Up is super simple as it allows you to do X-Preview-Shift and Z-End-of-Shift reports, similar to traditional card machines.

What are X-Preview and Z-End-of-Shift reports? 

The difference between the two is that the X Preview Shift Report is a report that displays current sales and helps you monitor transactions on your iKhokha card machine during the day. This report can be run any time during the day without ending your sales shift and is a useful tool for tracking your daily business operations and keeping a close eye on your transactions.

The Z End-of-Shift Report is a list limited to all transactions since the last Z-End-of-Shift report was run. Click here to read the article on the Z-End-of-Shift feature.


Cash-Up Report Type Period Clears Transaction History


All transactions for the last 72 hours NO
Z End-of-Shift All transactions since the last Z-Cash-Up YES


TIP: With the latest version of Solo, merchants can reprint the Z End-of-Shift Report. This enhancement provides a solution to the issue faced in previous versions, allowing users to generate additional copies of the report as needed.

How to Access the Cash Up Function  

Step 1: Press the "Menu" button on the Shaker Solo to start.

To access the Solo's main menu press the down arrow on the home screen.


Step 2: Use the arrow keys to highlight the "Print Cash-Up" option, or press the corresponding number on the keypad to quick-select the option and then press the green "Enter" button to select it.


If you need further assistance with this functionality, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email at, or call iKhokha at 087 222 7000.

We're always ready to help you with any questions or issues you may have.