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What is Cash-up?

Cashing up using your Shaker Solo is super simple! Here's how to conduct a quick and easy Shaker Solo cash-up.

The cash-up process is pivotal to your daily business operations, ensuring that you are on track with finances coming into your business.

The Shaker Solo enables you to run an End-of-Shift or Cash-Up process by printing your business X and Z reports; similar to traditional card machines.

What are X and Z reports? 

X and Z reports show the same information. The only difference is that the Z report ends the sales shift, whereas an X report is a current sales report that helps you monitor transactions on your iKhokha card machine during a shift.

  • An X preview report can be run at any time throughout the day and shows the current time without ending the shift.
  • A Z end-of-shift report ends the sales shift, showing all transactions since your last 'end-of-shift'.

TIP: You can use your iKhokha card machine to run and print both reports.

Need any assistance with cash-up? Feel free to give us a call on 087 222 7000.