The iKhokha Wallet

The iKhokha Wallet is where you accumulate sales commission from vending iKhokha Vend prepaid products and services. All sale commissions will be stored in your iKhokha Wallet.

Learn more about iKhokha Vend here.

To access your iKhokha Wallet, update your iKhokha app via your relevant app store.

On Android

  • Click Vend on the home screen of your iKhokha app, then click Wallet.

On iOS

  • Click the menu and then click Vend, then click Wallet.

All qualifying (see table below) iK Vend transaction sale commissions earned, will be stored in your iKhokha Wallet in the form of a  iKhokha digital currency is called ‘iKash’. The Rand value equivalent is iK 1.00 = R 1.00.

Learn more about iKash here.

Commission* Earned Per Transaction
iK Vend Product Type iKash Sale Card Sale
Airtime & Data 3% 2%
Prepaid Utilities
(Electricity, Gas, Water)
1% 1%
Bill Payments
(DSTV Only)
R2.00 R1.50
Bill Payments - Other
(Pay@ & EasyPay)
R1.50 R1.50
DSTV Box Office 1% 1%

* Commissions as at June 2020. Commission Values contained within
this table may be subject to change without formal notice.

Getting to know your iKhokha Wallet

Available Balance: This is the available balance of your sales commission that is updated monthly. In the near future, you will be able to use this balance for further iK Vend sales. 

Pending Balance: This is the pending balance of your sales commission and displays your accumulated sales commission from all sales of iK Vend for the month. This pending balance will convert to your 'Available Balance' within 3 days after month-end.

Wallet not available: This notifies you that a wallet has not been created on your iKhokha profile as yet – Please contact our support team so that we can help you.

Cannot get Wallet data: This means that you have no internet connection. Please check your internet settings and try connecting again.

Please note that you DO NOT pay any fees for your commission earnings to reflect into your iKhokha Wallet. 

Additional iKWallet functionality to be released, 2020