Your Daily iK Vend Transaction Report will detail the iK Vend transactions that you have performed the previous day with associated commission earned on sales. The fields contained in this report include:

  • Date: The date and time the relevant transaction was completed
  • Card Holder: The name of the card owner displayed on the card used to complete the Vend transaction
  • Transaction ID: The relevant iKhokha Vend transaction reference number
  • State: The status of the transaction
  • VAS Type: The relevant Vend transaction being completed
    • This will be 1 of 3 Vend types:
      • Prepaid Utility
      • Airtime
      • Bill Payment
  • Amount: The total value of the relevant Vend voucher issued
  • Commission %: The % that you will earn on Vend transactions
    *NB for transactions that have a flat fee assigned to them this field will be blank and only the Commission R column will be populated.
  • Commission R: The rand value that you will earn on a Vend transaction

Commission Table
CommissionCard Sale
Airtime & Data2%
Bill Payments (Pay@ & EasyPay)R1,50
Box Office1%