Your business cash-up process is pivotal in its daily operations, ensuring that you are on track with finances that are coming into your business.

Our latest feature allows you to run an End-of-Day or Cash-Up process - giving you the ability to print your businesses X and Z reports! Just like traditional card machines. 

What are X and Z reports?

X Reports and Z Reports show the same information. However, a Z Report ends the sales day whereas an X Report is a sales report for the current time and does not end the day. An X Report is just a current report that helps you monitor transactions on your iKhokha card machine. 

An X preview report displays for the current time and does not end the day. This report can be run at any time during the day. 

A Z end of day report ends the sales day, showing all transactions, since your last ‘end-of-day’.

X and Z reports can be easily run and printed on your iKhokha card machine.