Process a DStv or BoxOffice Payment with iKVend

You can take payment and settle DStv payments easily through the iKhokha App using iKVend.

To learn more about DStv or BoxOffice payments, download the training pack here

  1. Launch the iKhokha App.

  2. Tap VAS on the Home screen.
  3. Tap Bill Payments.
  4. Select either the DStv Account or a BoxOffice Account button.
  5. Enter an Account number in the Account Number space.
  6. Tap the next button to search for the account.
  7. Once the search is done, Enter an amount on the Amount due field. Take note of the minimum amount due fee.
  8. You may Tap the Cancel button if you do not wish to proceed.
  9. Tap the Charge button to proceed with the transaction.
  10. Present the card for payment.

NOTE: iKVend products and services can only be purchased through card payments. Cash is not supported at this stage.