What is iKhokha Vend

iKhokha Vend is a prepaid products and services offering that is available to all iKhokha merchants.

How do I get iKhokha Vend?

  • Buy your iKhokha card machine
  • Download the free iKhokha app and start accepting card payments
  • Start selling iKhokha Vend for card payments

What prepaid products and services can I offer to my customer?

  • Cellular Services (prepaid airtime, SMS and data bundles)
  • Prepaid Utilities (electricity and water)
  • Bill Payments (DSTV, Traffic fines, Telkom, Pay@, Easypay)

Do I have to have an iKhokha card machine to sell prepaid products and services?


I have the Shaker Solo card machine; can I sell prepaid products and services to my customers?

No. It has not yet been released for the Shaker Solo.

How do I sell prepaid products and services?

Log into the iK app. Open the main menu, select Vend, select the prepaid service you would like to vend. Accept payment via card. Issue voucher (print or email).

What are the costs associated with selling prepaid products and services?

There are no costs that you will incur.

Can I use any iKhokha card machine in conjunction with the app to sell prepaid products and services?

Yes, you have to use the iKhokha card machine with the app in order to sell.

Who do I contact if a transaction is unsuccessful?

You can contact our support team who is available 7 days a week via email: support@ikhokha.com or call: 087 222 7000 to help with any queries.