The powerhouse of your point of sale, lies in the Poster App.

Lets get the Poster app installed on your tablet, follow the easy steps below to get going:

  • Go to the Google Play store on your device, search for Poster POS and click download.
  • Open the Poster App once successfully downloaded.
  • To find the login credentials for the Poster App. Open the back office, in your web browser. You should have the link on email. Navigate to Access > Registers.
  • Input the login username and password and click log in.
  • Input your four-digit code to give you access to the POS screen.
  • If you have selected the “Use cash shifts” option in the settings, the system will ask you to input a start cash float. Input the cash float and click “Done”.
  • Your floor plan or store will be open to take orders.

To download the complete Poster Setup Guide, click here.