The Shaker Solo aims at helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Each item found in the box has its own unique purpose – to help get the most out of owning an iKhokha card machine. Check out what you will find in the iKhokha Shaker Solo box:

The iKhokha Shaker Solo

Your shiny new Shaker Solo card machine with a 3G SIM.

Unique referral code

As an iKhokha merchant, you have the benefit of referring friends or family members to join the iKhokha tribe. The person you refer will receive a R250 discount off their first purchase, provided your referral code is used. After the referral code is successfully approved by iKhokha, you will earn yourself R500 as a referral reward.*

Tent card display

This little sign can be placed on your shop’s counter to let your customers know that card payments are accepted.

Card acceptance sticker

Who doesn’t love a sticker? Merchants can stick this up to let customers know they accept card payments.


Keep your iKhokha card machine charged and ready for action.

*Note that merchants will only get paid the referral reward once the merchant they have referred starts trading.